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I think you're an amazing artist, and this is not an exception. You're emotion looks authentic, and while over the top, it fits perfect...

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Miraculous Lady~Adrianna Agreste :iconnattywhite1998:Nattywhite1998 8 6 Cat Noir/Adrien :iconnattywhite1998:Nattywhite1998 3 0 Ladybug/Marinette :iconnattywhite1998:Nattywhite1998 5 0 Nick Shu :iconnattywhite1998:Nattywhite1998 1 0 Parker and Claire King :iconnattywhite1998:Nattywhite1998 1 15 Empire Public School for Witchcraft and Wizardry :iconnattywhite1998:Nattywhite1998 0 0 Jamie's Parents :iconnattywhite1998:Nattywhite1998 2 0
Harry Potter RP Please?
Hello fellow Potterheads!
I'm in the mood for a HP RP, but I need someone who has:
-Read the series fully
-Remembers a good bit of it
-Willing to split canon characters(Meaning I play some, you play some) on top of their own OCs(Only if you so choose to play as an OC.)
My Characters:
Natalie Fredericks

Elizabeth Ride
:iconnattywhite1998:Nattywhite1998 1 56
Kisekae Free Valetine's Day Adopts~CLOSED! :iconnattywhite1998:Nattywhite1998 8 41 Arianna Kingston :iconnattywhite1998:Nattywhite1998 9 20 Kisekae Free (Late) Christmas Elves Adopts :iconnattywhite1998:Nattywhite1998 6 19 Bird Family :iconnattywhite1998:Nattywhite1998 9 4
Returned RP
Parent Scenarios:
Scenario One:
Life was good, you had a great family, a great job, a great life. Nothing could break your family apart, until one fateful day... It had started with your oldest taking their younger sister(Other siblings too, if you want them) outside to play while you did house work, they had done this many times, and never before had anything more than a scrap or a bruise had happened. They were playing fine, everything was good, but a game of hide-and-seek turned bad when your oldest looked up to search for their sister, and screamed when they only caught a glimpse of her being pulled into a van. They tried to chase after, calling for help, but it was too late...
Scenario Two:
Many years ago, you took your young daughter(Other children too, if you want them) to the park to play. Life was good, you had a great family, a great job, a great life. Little did you know... Your life was going to change... It was only a mome
:iconnattywhite1998:Nattywhite1998 3 164
Neptuna :iconnattywhite1998:Nattywhite1998 2 19 Erica :iconnattywhite1998:Nattywhite1998 1 0 Maggie :iconnattywhite1998:Nattywhite1998 6 14


Mature content
The Pet Compromise RP :iconbobvance1997:bobvance1997 10 50
Exotic Pet rp prompt
As a child you used to visit at this old park, hidden by a grove of trees, not far from your home. There you played with your best friend who lived there, they didn't look human but you didn't seem to mind. You two always had fun together, and they always knew how to make you happy and cheer you up.
Then one day, you and parents moved far away unexpectedly, you never even got to tell your friend goodbye during all the packing and work. As you grew up in this new place, you accepted that your friend was just an imaginary one all kids had and soon you forgot about him entirely.
Ten years later, you get your own place while attending college. Your family was very worried about you being on your own, especially in such a large and shadey city. After all your stuff was moved in your parents told you they got you a pet for your house, something a bit exotic, which would arrive later that day. An hour after they left a knock came at the door, the post man stood there and behind him was a larg
:iconmarielyn-chan:marielyn-chan 3 3,133
A Gift for the Royal Family RP
On an planet far from Earth, the royal family who has reigned for thousands of years decided to explore the other planets closest to them. What they found was amazing. One of the first planets they discovered was a little planet named Earth. On Earth was a tiny creature called humans. The King ordered that a human be brought back to study, but he adamantly said to keep it alive. A few weeks later the space crew came back and the leader was holding a little box where the human was laying in asleep from the knock out gas. It was pretty small just a bit smaller than a baby. We ran tests on the human and figured out it was a boy and on Earth he was just beginning his adolescence. A few days later the little boy began waking up, he was pretty scared and tried getting out of his cage. After we finished the tests the king allowed his family, which was his wife, 24 year old son, and 17 year old daughter. I decided to give the little guy to my...
(You choose which Royal family member keeps the
:iconbobvance1997:bobvance1997 8 194
-OPEN!!!- Small Fantasy Adopts! :iconsoul-orange-adopts:Soul-Orange-Adopts 41 168
Rp please?
Looking for anyone to rp with
No Godmodding
No Controlling my character
No bathroom play, tickle, vore, gore, or any fetish like that 
I will be rping third person, paragraph form. You don't have to, however if you choose to do first person my character is not me. Refer to the character as she/her or he/him or their name. 
Rating will be discussed between us
I have a three a strike rule, call my character you three times the rp is over. No if's and's or buts about it. Bitching about the rule will get you nowhere either, don't like it? Move on to someone else. 
Fandoms: (Oc x Canon. I will play a Canon for your oc if you do the same for me) 
Rise of the Guardians
Assassin's Creed
Mass Effect
Adventure Time
My Little Pony
Power Puff Girls
Dragon Age (2 and Inquisition)
Harry Potter
Time Period: Victorian, Wild West, Regency, Medieval
Lion tribe
Male or Female are sent to a mountain range to become t
:iconbijinx:Bijinx 6 141
Kisekae 2 Prop - Cloning Tube 1 :iconzebuta:Zebuta 61 7 Kisekae 2 Prop - Cloning Tube 2 :iconzebuta:Zebuta 37 6 Kisekae 2 Prop - Christmas Present 1 :iconzebuta:Zebuta 15 2 Kisekae 2 Prop - Christmas Present 2 :iconzebuta:Zebuta 15 0 Kisekae 2 Prop - Christmas Present 3 :iconzebuta:Zebuta 18 0 Kisekae 2 Prop - Christmas Tree :iconzebuta:Zebuta 21 7 Naga :iconmarielyn-chan:marielyn-chan 3 0 Some Venus for your soul :iconmarielyn-chan:marielyn-chan 3 1 Asuka in usual attire and school outfit. :iconrsnvaine:RSNVaine 3 0 all the robot kind :iconfersable:fersable 3 0 p sure u would slip and fall instantly but ok :iconinotnedloh:InotNedloh 67 26


Miraculous Ladybug Fans!
I'm looking for someone willing to RP Miraculous: The Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir with me.
You need to be willing to play cannon characters such as Adrien and Gabriel, etc. We would split the characters between ourselves.
Miraculous Lady~Adrianna Agreste
Made with:

Name: Adrianna Agreste
Age: 10
Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: N/A
Significant Other: None

Height: 4'
Weight: 55
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Pale Blue

Likes: Music, Baked Goods, Spending time with her Brother
Dislikes: Being Alone, Being Hidden away, Being Treated as a Helpless Doll

    Father: Gabriel Agreste
    Mother: (Unnamed) Agreste
    Brother: Adrien Agreste

Personality/Description: She is sweet and kind, glad to be of help when it's possible. She normally spends her days hidden away in the Agreste Mansion, being taught by Nathalie. She excels at music, and is fiercely independent, despite being blind. She was born premature, very sickly as a young child. Her brother is very protective of her, and she doesn't mind being doted on as long as it doesn't go too far. She can be stubborn, and she won't hesitate to fight for what she wants. She is extremely smart, years beyond her grade level.
Cat Noir/Adrien
Made with:


Cat Noir:
Made with:


Nick Shu

Name: Nicole(Nick/Nicki) Shu

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Godly Parent: Nike

Mortal Parent: Lee Shu

Weapon/s: Anything She Touches, Longsword

-Hair: Black
-Eye's: Dark Blue

Personality: Strong willed, Brave, and she can be scary. In a fight she is the first to stand up last to stand down. Loyal to friends and family, deadly to enemies and family. She is rash, and violent. She is very headstrong, she chooses a goal and follows it.

Crush/Dating: N/A

Sexuality: Straight

Powers: She has a slight effect on the outcome of a battle.

Fatal Flaw: Cocky

Backstory: She grew up as an American citizen, but her father was born in China. Growing up, she loved competitive sports. Fencing, karate, football, baseball, soccer, etc... She excelled at them all. Her team always winning. One day her team "loses", a group of monster pretending to be students came after her. After the game they tried to kill her, as she defeats them, one blabs about Camp.

Other: She is a sore loser.


Nattywhite1998's Profile Picture
Natalie White
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
I was tagged by Silly-Little-Dracaga, for the first time! This is the only time I've been tagged.

1. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves

2. Answer 13 questions given to you and then come up with 13 of your own

3. Literally tag 13 people

4. You can't say you don't do tags

5. Tag backs are allowed 

6. You must make a journal entry

7. Must be done in a week or you must listen to whatever the tagger says

8. Be creative with the title!

About the Dork Princess herself Natalie!:
1: I'm a Senior this school year!
2: There is a 5% chance of some I'll meet spelling my name right.
3: I have a cat named Elsa.
4: My Favorite book is Percy Jackson.
5: I LOVE Skyrim!
6: I'm nicknamed Natalia, by my Grandfather.
7: I ride horses with my friend.
8: I'm the first born.
9: I'm a dog person.
10: I have minor cat allergy.
11: I sleep with 7 blankets on my bed.
12: My favorite band is the Beatles.
13: I'm writing a book.

Thanks for this Silly-Little-Dracaga XD

Okay! Questions!

1. Is you a dragon? :3
Sadly, no... But Amelia Carter is!
2. Is you happy bout being the tags? 8D 
Ehh... I'm neutral.
3. I is making sense to you?
Do you ever? XD I'm kidding, Misc Emoji-13 (Heart) [V1] you.
4. Agree or disagree... I shouldn't do this while tired and in a hyper mood XD 
I am, again, neutral XD
5. Fave anime?

6. Fave character from an anime/game/movie/etc?
Donnie Icon 
7. Now pick a fave of one of YOUR characters! Dun dun DUN! 
Emma Age Progression by Nattywhite1998Emma Age Concept by Nattywhite1998

8. Can you eat me? 8D 
I'm not a good pred XD
I'll try.
9. Can I eat YOU!? >8D 
10. Can I have some cookies please OnO I is hungry...

11. Favourite animal? >w<
So Many Coats 
12. Why did you come to DA? :3 I curious. TELL ME NOW! D8<
I was looking for Fanfiction...
13. Did you enjoy my odd questions? DID YOU!? D8< (Sorry, I am tired which usually ends up with me being crazy and hyper XD)
Yes, I was laughing the whole.

1. What is your true name?
2. Would you RP with me/Do you enjoy RPing with me?
3. Favorite Video Game?
Favorite Video Game Character?
5. Favorite Disney Movie?
Favorite Disney Character?
7.  Brony/Pegasister?
8. Who is your favorite of MY characters?
9. Who is your favorite of YOUR character?
10. Favorite TV show when you were 4 & under?
Favorite TV show when you were a child?
Favorite TV show when you were now?
13. Do you hate that I tagged you?

I'm tagging:


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